Dockyard General Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd comprises of Sales / Technical Marketing division which has been established to provide high quality Material and Equipment solutions for Engineering & Industrial sector in line with company’s business scope.

We provide Engineering & Industrial Product Solutions with world renowned brands of products including but not limited to: PPG / SIGMA corrosion control & asset protection coating solutions, GRACO Airless Sprayers & high performance coating application systems, ECOQUIP Vapor Abrasive (blasting) surface cleaning & preparation systems, KEMPPI inverter welding solutions of all forms.

We are not just a material or equipment supplier but a solution provider matching with industry standard and meeting exact need of our customers. We always concern about high quality, long term durability and after sales service of what we offer.


We, Dockyard General Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd are the local agent for KEMPPI in Sri Lanka and provide KEMPPI Inverter Welding Plant & Equipment for Arc / Stick Welding / MMA, MIG / MAG Welding and TIG Welding for Marine, Industrial and heavy engineering work.

If you are looking for welding machine for High quality work without wasting for rework KEMPPI is the right product to choose. KEMPPI is in built with many special features giving you a lot of advantages and value for money.

Special Features of KEMPPI

Less weight & easy to handle
Superior welding quality with minimal spatters
Consumed less electricity & Energy saving potential up to 50%
Designed for high duty cycle for continuous use without wasting time for stopping & cooling

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We, Dockyard General Engineering Services have been the local agent / distributor for PPG SIGMA Protective & Marine Coatings since 1997.   With the partnership of PPG / SIGMA, we have set new heights in corrosion control and asset protection in Sri Lanka where Industry people were identified has lack of knowledge on the subject. We have taken a leading role on corrosion control conducting free training programs for all concerned including engineers, consultants, architects, quantity surveys, contractors, painters, fabricators and so on since 2000. We have been able to upgrade and March from the available Market Knowledge and upgrade with the Local requirements and International norms and this has benefitted Levels such as Consultants, Engineering professionals, specially Contractors etc to propose the solutions after evaluating the Right environment category ranging from and also to establish the Required durability Range and turn around to finally save High Cost of Corrosion in Many projects.

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We, Dockyard General Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd are the local agent for GRACO in Sri Lanka and provide sales,  technical support and after sales services for following GRACO Products and Systems.

GRACO Airless Sprayers for High Performance Coating Applications
GRACO Spray System for Waterproofing Material & Mortar Applications
GRACO FRP Systems, Proportioners and Guns for Gel Coat and Chop Applications
GRACO Advanced Glazing Proportioner for Sealants and Adhesives application
GRACO Air-Driven Foam Proportioner for spraying foam insulation

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We, Dockyard General Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd are the local agent for GRACO ECOQUIP in Sri Lanka and providing sales, technical support and after sales services for EcoQuip Vapour Abrasive Blasting Systems.

Through countless hours of research, engineering and testing, Graco has made an abrasive blast system faster than dry blasting, easier to use, and more reliable in the field.
With increased blast pressures, a new ventless pot and simplified controls, Graco is confident that EcoQuip2 will change the way you think about vapor abrasive blasting.

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