MasterTig MLS ACDC

MasterTig MLS ACDC models are suitable for TIG welding of all metals, particularly aluminum and stainless steel, as well as for MMA welding. They can be used for manual welding as well as mechanized welding applications. This product family offers the most versatile and advanced devices for TIG welding. Their characteristics were developed on the basis of the latest achievements in welding research.

The product family contains devices for two amperage classes: The MasterTig MLS 2300 ACDC, which is intended for use with single-phase power supply, and the MasterTig MLS 3000/3003 ACDC models, designed for 3-phase power supply networks. In a multi-voltage model (3003), the supply voltage can be 230–460V. The maximum load of 3-phase devices in TIG welding is 300 amperes with a duty cycle of 40%. Even in continuous use, the load can be 190 amperes. By applying a special PFC technology, the welding power has been increased to an unusually high level also in the single-phase machine. The peak current is 230 amperes, and even in continuous use the load can be up to 170 amperes.

The MasterTig MLS ACDC enables TIG welding with any type of current: AC, DC+, and DC-. In addition, it lets you use a combination of AC and DC, or the MIX TIG. The digital control panels offer all the basic functions required in TIG welding, plus a great number of useful additional features that improve the quality and productivity of welding. Setting the welding parameters is easy, and welder specific, unique settings can be saved by using the memory channel function. There are also several remote control devices available.

Kempact MIG 2530

Designed for MIG/MAG Welding, 3 Phase, 4 roll wire drive system, Electronic power regulation, Maximum output 250 A at 40% duty cycle, Wire Feed Speed 1- 18 m/min, filler wire diameter 0.6 – 1.0 mm for Fe/Ss and Weight 22kg. Ideal for applications in thin sheet metal fabrication workshops, Car repair, Agriculture, Shipyards and offshore industry, Installation and set-up, Repair and maintenance.

Kempact 2530 is 70% lighter in weight than traditional step regulated machines, Electronic control of voltage and wire speed allows arc tuning during the weld process, so you can quickly establish the desired weld settings. Includes gun trigger latching and wire inch function.

Master MLS 2500

Specific design for MMA welding, Compact and portable, Control panel choice for varied applications, designed for all electrode types, MMA and TIG welding function, Suitable for use with power generators.

3 Phase, 250 A at 40% ED, Welding Range 5 A – 250 A, Stick Electrode Size 1,5 – 5.0 mm and weight 20 Kg

Master MLS machines offer the best choice in MMA welding refinement. Combine either the 250 or 350 amp power source with the basic MEL or advanced MEX control panels for outstanding welding performance. High 40% duty cycle ensures you have the work capacity to get the job done; whilst the compact and lightweight specification makes work around site easy.

Miniarc Evo 180

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MiniarcTag Evo 200MLP

MinarcTig Evo is just what you’d expect from a Kemppi TIG welding machine. Accurate and refined HF ignition and the necessary control, power and work capacity to reliably complete a variety of professional welding tasks. MinarcTig Evo is the ideal DC TIG welding solution for light industrial manufacturing, installation, repair and maintenance applications. The lightweight and compact size is a real bonus for welding professionals on the move.

Models include both MinarcTig Evo 200 and MinarcTig Evo 200MLP. The powerful PFC power source design combines useful performance advantages, including excellent energy efficiency and the ability to reliably perform on extra-long power supply cables of more than 100 meters long.

MinarcTig Evo models include large LED metering displays and feature a range of functions including pre and post gas time control, slope current time controls and remote control options. MLP models are equipped with additional functions including Minilog control and semi-automatic arc pulse function. MinarcTig Evo is a dual-process machine that also provides quality MMA welding for a range of DC electrode types.

200 A DC @ 35 % duty cycle, 1-phase, 230 V, Smooth welding quality, Refined arc ignition from 5 A, Pre and post gas timer, Slope in/out timer, Torch switch latching, MLP and Pulse welding option, Remote current controls options, PFC technology for ultimate energy efficiency.

HiArc M 400/500 R

HiArc M 400/500 R series machines are modern and energy efficient MIG/MAG welding solutions, offering clean and reliable ignition with either CO2 or mixed shielding gas. This MIG machine is capable of doing Aluminum welding too for higher sheet thickness more than 3 mm with 100% Argon gas.

Power source metering keeps you informed, even in low light conditions. The large, clear, backlit LCD panel displays preset welding voltage, wire feed speed and amperage parameters, and crater filling function makes sure you have the best arc control right to the finish. HiArc M series machines provide high 60% ED work capability in either the 400 or 500 amp model variants.

Choose from two wire feeding solutions where parameters are adjusted at the workstation. The entry level F 10 wire feed unit offers simple but reliable 2-roll feeding mechanism. For tough work environments where you need an enclosed wire cabinet, select the F 30 system, incorporating the heavy duty 4-roll DuraTorque feeding mechanism and impact resistant ‘dual skin’ plastic feed cabinet. Both F10 and F30 models suit 300mm wire spools.

HiArc S 400

HiArc S 400 is the powerful and portable MMA welding solution for use in demanding, dusty and hot welding environments. HiArc S 400 weighs just 20kg and offers 60% ED at 400 amps for reliable welding results with all electrode types (where A separate HiArc S 400A model including cellulose kit is also available), making it ideal for use at the workshop or site.

HiArc S 400 is available in two model variants, the simple regular ‘R’ or advanced ‘A’ model. ‘A’ models include additional arc control features including Arc force and Hot start parameter adjustment, plus distance remote control option. The S 400 ‘A’ model also features VRD function – Voltage Reduction Device, effectively controlling the open circuit voltage level below 35 volts, making welding safer in damp and humid conditions.

HiArc S 400 can be powered from any 3ph mains voltage network or engine driven power supply and Kemppi inverter techniques ensure a smooth, consistent, and reliable welding arc every time, every weld, with the added benefit of reduced energy cost when compared to alternative industrial MMA solutions.

HiArc S 140

HirArc S 140 is a little giant for portable MMA welding. Durable, compact and weighing only 4 Kg, HiArc S 140 is easy to use at the workshop or work-site and Scratch TIG Possible 5 to 150 A Power from any 1Ph 230 V supply including power generators, HiArc S 140 can be used with extra-long cables, up to 50 m from the power supply, and the 35% ED @ 140 amps work capacity ensures you enough welding power to complete your welding task, first time with all electrode types.