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MasterTig MLS ACDC

MasterTig MLS ACDC models are suitable for TIG welding of all metals, particularly aluminum and stainless steel, as well as for MMA welding. They can be used for manual welding as well as mechanized welding applications. This product family offers the most versatile and advanced devices for TIG welding. Their characteristics were developed on the basis of the latest achievements in welding research.

The product family contains devices for two amperage classes: The MasterTig MLS 2300 ACDC, which is intended for use with single-phase power supply, and the MasterTig MLS 3000/3003 ACDC models, designed for 3-phase power supply networks. In a multi-voltage model (3003), the supply voltage can be 230–460V. The maximum load of 3-phase devices in TIG welding is 300 amperes with a duty cycle of 40%. Even in continuous use, the load can be 190 amperes. By applying a special PFC technology, the welding power has been increased to an unusually high level also in the single-phase machine. The peak current is 230 amperes, and even in continuous use the load can be up to 170 amperes.

The MasterTig MLS ACDC enables TIG welding with any type of current: AC, DC+, and DC-. In addition, it lets you use a combination of AC and DC, or the MIX TIG. The digital control panels offer all the basic functions required in TIG welding, plus a great number of useful additional features that improve the quality and productivity of welding. Setting the welding parameters is easy, and welder specific, unique settings can be saved by using the memory channel function. There are also several remote control devices available.

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