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HiArc S 400

HiArc S 400 is the powerful and portable MMA welding solution for use in demanding, dusty and hot welding environments. HiArc S 400 weighs just 20kg and offers 60% ED at 400 amps for reliable welding results with all electrode types (where A separate HiArc S 400A model including cellulose kit is also available), making it ideal for use at the workshop or site.

HiArc S 400 is available in two model variants, the simple regular ‘R’ or advanced ‘A’ model. ‘A’ models include additional arc control features including Arc force and Hot start parameter adjustment, plus distance remote control option. The S 400 ‘A’ model also features VRD function – Voltage Reduction Device, effectively controlling the open circuit voltage level below 35 volts, making welding safer in damp and humid conditions.

HiArc S 400 can be powered from any 3ph mains voltage network or engine driven power supply and Kemppi inverter techniques ensure a smooth, consistent, and reliable welding arc every time, every weld, with the added benefit of reduced energy cost when compared to alternative industrial MMA solutions.

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