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HiArc M 400/500 R

HiArc M 400/500 R series machines are modern and energy efficient MIG/MAG welding solutions, offering clean and reliable ignition with either CO2 or mixed shielding gas. This MIG machine is capable of doing Aluminum welding too for higher sheet thickness more than 3 mm with 100% Argon gas.

Power source metering keeps you informed, even in low light conditions. The large, clear, backlit LCD panel displays preset welding voltage, wire feed speed and amperage parameters, and crater filling function makes sure you have the best arc control right to the finish. HiArc M series machines provide high 60% ED work capability in either the 400 or 500 amp model variants.

Choose from two wire feeding solutions where parameters are adjusted at the workstation. The entry level F 10 wire feed unit offers simple but reliable 2-roll feeding mechanism. For tough work environments where you need an enclosed wire cabinet, select the F 30 system, incorporating the heavy duty 4-roll DuraTorque feeding mechanism and impact resistant ‘dual skin’ plastic feed cabinet. Both F10 and F30 models suit 300mm wire spools.

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