Completed Projects

  1. Petro Chemical
  2. Power Sector – Mega Power
  3. Power Sector – Mini Hydro Power
  4. Building
  5. Irrigation
  6. Infra-Structural
  7. Marine Construction
  8. Heavy Strutures
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  • LPG-Male
  • MVC-034S
  • MVC-374S
  • MVC3
  • Shell
  • fixing staircase g
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    LP Gas Storage Tanks
    • Shell (Litro) Gas Lanka Ltd
    • Villa Shipping and Trading Company Limited , Maldives
    • State Trading Organization, Maldives
    Fuel Storage Tanks
    • Villa Shipping and Trading Company Limited , Maldives
    • Lakdanavi Ltd
    Fire Water Tank
    • Shell (Litro) Gas Pvt Ltd
    Air Buffer Vessel & Product Storage Bullets
    • Shell (Litro) Gas Lanka Limited
    • Nippon Air Technologies Co ltd
    Tank Roof Construction
    • Villa Shipping and Trading Company Limited , Maldives
    • Lanka Marine Service Pvt Ltd
    LP Gas Piping Systems and Pump House

Work Completed

  • Erection of high-pressure LPG Spherical Tank
  • Fabrication and Installation of Fuel Tanks
  • Fabrication and installation of Fire Water Tank
  • Fabrication and installation of pressure vessels
  • Fabrication and Installation of LPG piping system, Fuel piping Systems, Fire Water Systems
  • Fabrication and erection of Tank roof
  • Shot Basting and primer application of steel plates and profiles for tanks fabrication
  • Fabrication of tank accessories
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Completed Projects

  • Samanala Wewa - Ceylon Electricity Board
  • Canyon - Ceylon Electricity Board
  • Ukuwela - Ceylon Electricity Board
  • Inginiyagala - Ceylon Electricity Board
  • Sapugaskanda - MAN B&W stage I and II
  • Lakdhanavi - LankaTransformers Ltd
  • Upperkothmale - Kurimoto Japan

Construction Work

  • Construction of power plants both RCC and Steel
  • Fabrication and Installation of piping system
  • Fabrication and Installation of exhaust system
  • Fabrication and Installation of Chimney structures
  • Fabrication and installation of Penstock
  • Fabrication and installation of Tank farm
  • Rehabilitation and of Penstock
  • Re-painting of Penstocks
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  • DSC01469
  • DSC01474
  • DSC01483
  • DSC01485
  • DSC_2049

Completed Projets

  • Hapugasthenne - Echo Power Pvt Ltd
  • Belihuloya - Lanka Transformer Ltd.
  • Brunswick - Maskeliya Plantation
  • Weganga - VallibleLanka
  • Asupini Ella - Lanka Transformers Ltd
  • Amanawala - Hiran Power
  • Bogo Power - Bogo Power Pvt Ltd

Construction Work

  • Rock Blasting.
  • Construction of Wier,
  • Construction of canal path, Construction of Forebay tank
  • Construction of De-silting tank,
  • Construction of Pipe supports and Anchors, Construction of Power House
  • Fabrication , painting and Installation of penstock

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  • DSC01647
  • DSC_1042
  • DSC_1159
  • DSC_2344
  • MG_4690
  • MG_4697
  • SAM_0375
  • SAM_0787

Completed Projects

  • CINEC Building Malabe
  • Automobile Association Building
  • Sabaragamuwa University Hostel
  • Heater Room – Ansell
  • Prime Mover Repair bay - SAGT
  • Club Benthota Hotel (Upgrading)
  • Hotel Seegiriya (Renovation)
  • UAE Embacy Building (Renovation)
  • Galle Face Hotel (Renovation)
  • KRY Grit blasting and painting WS
  • KRY Plasma cutting WS
  • Colombo Dockyard Dock no 3 WS

Construction Work

  • Construction of RCC Building
  • Steel Building
  • Renovation Work
  • Construction of Roof and Structure
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  • 141
  • DSC01109
  • P1080031
  • P1100206
  • PH01
  • SAM_2097
  • SAM_2576

Completed Projects

  • Fabrication Stop Logs - China Geo Engineering Corporation
  • Irrigation Gate Rehabilitation - Mahaweli Authority
  • Refurbishment Replacement of Irrigation Gate - Mahaweli Authority
  • Renovation of Radial Gates – Mahaweli Authority

Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Works

  • Desilting of tunnel intake
  • Civil remedial work for Barrage, Control rooms, Spillways & etc
  • Construction of a gate house, generator house, stop log storage house
  • Replacement and painting of Sluice Gates, Outlet gates, drawdown Gates, irrigation outlet gates,
  • Fabricate and install of Floating Stop logs, guide rail and spillway gates
  • Restoration of control gates, bulkhead gates, thrash rack, chain blocks of sluice
  • Design, supply and install of Expansion joints, aqueduct joints
  • Cleaning of steel guides sealing frames
  • Restoration og slide gates with guide frames, discharge fixed wheel gates with embedded guide frames and gate hoists
  • Main distribution Board of Control House, Local Control Cabinet of Spillway, Cable installation for Tunnel Intake, installation of Thrash Rack Cleaning Machine, Water Level measuring instrument, early warning systems and , Communication links with complexes, earthing , lighting, lighting Protection , emergency lighting, Smoke and fire detection system and etc
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  • DSC03343
  • DSC05288
  • DSCF0048
  • Katugastota-pipebridge
  • _MG_4609
  • photo 122
  • photo13
  • photo16

Completed Projets

  • Bridges - Ministry of Education (Ruwanpura Nation Collage of Education)
  • Pipe Bridges - Taisei Corporation (National Water Supply and Drainage Board)
  • Painting of Bridges - Maga CDIG Joint Venture (Kalaoya Bridge)
  • Painting of Bridges - Maga CDIG Joint Venture ( Kalaoya Bridge)
    - Maga CDIG Joint Venture (Malwathuoya Bridge)
  • Varies type of Pipes - Beiging Municipal Engineering Corporation (Town North of Colombo Water Supply Scheme Project)
    Taisei Corporation ( Kandy outcircular water supply project)
    Hitachi Plant Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd
  • Pile Casing- Taisei Corpration (Out Circular Highway to the City of Colombo project)
    - Penta Ocean Constrution Ltd (Port Development Project)
  • Sluice Gate - AArsleff - Salcon JV (National Water Supply and Drainage Board)
  • Stop Logs - China Geo Engineering Corporation - (Udawalawa Rehabilitation Project)

Worked Done

  • Construction of RCC bridges
  • Supply, fabricate, launch and erection of Steel Bridges
  • Repair and painting of old bridges
  • Supply and fabricate of varies sizes of pipes
  • Supply and fabricate of varies sizes of pile and pile casing
  • Supply and fabricate of accessories for water project
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  • DSC07602
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North end Pier toe-beam construction work for South Asian Gateway Terminal Pvt Ltd,
Design and construction of slip way for southern naval command and boat hoist launch for National Aquatic Resources Agency (NARA),
Repairs to the deterioration on the soffit of the landside crane beam of the South Asian Gateway Terminals Ltd (SAGT).

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  • DSC00420
  • DSC02447
  • DSC05947
  • MVC-005F
  • MVC-584S
  • PB130013
  • c66

Completed Projets

Supply and fabrication of Lower Draft tube liner and pit liners for Upper Kotmale Hydro Power Project,
The Pipe Line End Manifold (PLEM) structure for Muthurajawella New SPBM, Leighton Contractors (Malaysia) SDN BHD,
Supply and Manufacture of Cyclones, Casings, Ducts & other varies other fabricated items related to the new product separator system for Galle and Puttlum Cements Plants of Holcim Lanka Limited,
Foaters of Villa Shipping and Trading Origination Pvt Ltd ,
Fabrication of legs for J3 Container Cranes for SLPA,
installation of 8 number of cement silos for Villa Shipping and Trading Organisation Ltd,
Fixing of Rail Track for mobile ship Un-loaders for Serandib Flour mills (Pvt)Ltd and Mechanical Installation of equipment
All piping systems, erection of cold box and 320MT double shell Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank for 64 TPD Air separator plant of Ceylon Oxygen Ltd at Lindel Industrial Estate
Fabrication and installation of 2 numbers of 500MT Fresh Water Tank at Kooddoo and Feriwaru Fisheries Complex Maldives Industrial Fisheries Co. Ltd.
Fabrication and supply of mild steel VAT - 27,000 liters capacity Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka LTD
Enhancement of Capacity of 18 nos. Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes Project - Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding CO.LTD
Supply and fabrication of two sets of pontoon for Hayleys - ADC Textiles LTD.
Two unloaders AT PVQ for Serendib Flour Mills (PVT) LTD

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