Value Engineered Services

To achieve our mission and reaffirm "Our Course" and finally accomplish  the "Threshold of the Life cycle Efficiency" and "Prime Quality Expectations" in Heavy metal Industry, we face situations.....practically UNCONTROLLABLE.

We are equipped to mutually agree and work with the Uncontrollable, which is either a real time critical exposure condition or exceptional design criteria aspirations or both. We and our partners, not only have the tried and tested capability to make situational analysis on your asset protection solutions and ‘In - situ Case Study’, but also enjoy the Experience to act as consultants, to enlighten you to adopt, best Trade practices, mainly in Corrosion Control Asset Protection for structural steel, covering new building and refurbishment projects. We could also provide most appropriate Engineering Material and Supporting gear to suit various Quality Standard demands.  We are focused to cater to combat actual exposure such as ISO 12944 - C1 to C5 environmental conditions and other Harsh & tough needs such as, Steel in submerged water, and Tank Interior Linings – Cargo chemical resistance - and hot exposure conditions, as demanded in Communication, Petrochemical, Power & energy sectors etc.

Thankfully, over the years, we at Dockyard Engineering are considered as an acclaimed & trusted supplier cum genuine & dependable source for the appropriate quality engineering material and services. Our Marketing objectives are fashioned to conscientiously supply premium engineering materials to ensure long - life durability for complex engineering structures plus components, and to sustain vertical integration to diverse industries. We offer a range of highly endorsed products in various Ferrous and Non ferrous scopes, plates, laminates and profiles, Latest Heavy duty Performance Coating Technology and Protective Anti Corrosives, Spray engineering devises and Surface cleaning procedures and welding technology etc to suit the demands of the heavy Engineering/ pre-engineered fabrication and Marine Industry, whilst providing sustainable durability & flexibility of our superior designs.

The dire demand and our stock holdings sources, strives to compliment your exacting material requirements, conforming to the International Quality standards governing your applications, whilst offering underwritten Certified products to meet various norms i.e. ISO, ASTM, DIN, Euro, BS, JIS, IS etc.

We also make serious efforts to enhance the knowledge base and Technical training need resources of the Engineering fraternity of the Heavy Industry Domain and work in unison to meet with your specific custom needs for Material Management Systems, by actively participating with you on "Selection Criteria Guidance", providing evaluation support, propose International Standards, offer Value for Money and Reliability and  most importantly the Safety, Health and Environmental  aspects, to assist the Design Makers to go for finest quality Goals.

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